What are the benefits of a concrete driveway?

Concrete is famous in construction projects because homeowners promptly choose it especially for their home’s exterior such as pathways or driveways. The driveway in a home enhances the aesthetics and the worth of your home. Besides, you get a flawlessly smooth surface to park your vehicle on. Moreover, a driveway is an area that is most prone to wear and tear since it receives the highest amount of vehicle or even foot traffic. Hence, you really cannot afford a poorly constructed driveway on your premises.


Moreover, did you know that even the driveways made of stones need a solid concrete-based foundation? Yes, it is indeed true. Hence, it does not make sense to even give thought to any other material when concrete is an all-rounder. And you know why? Let’s dig into the details ahead.

The life of concrete is long

There is a great chunk of people who opt for coventry driveways in Dover DE and for good reason. Simply because asphalt has a cheap investment cost. This may sound like a cost-effective option but since asphalt is like buying peanuts it does not last long. So, why even bother? Besides, the asphalt is connected to the place of its foundation through a sealant that degrades easily over years of use. The asphalt is sealed together using a liquid binder or sealant; which is why asphalt does not survive for years like concrete.

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Let’s see the other scenario. A concrete driveway is a big investment at the start since the installation costs alone are a lot to bear. But do the math yourself, if the concrete driveway lasts for decades, you are in a win-win situation. But if you do your local business research, you can find affordable concrete installation companies all across Dover DE.

Quick, simple, and easy maintenance

Many homeowners are grateful for one benefit that a concrete driveway offers that it requires almost no maintenance. All you need to do is develop a routine of regular cleaning and voila, your driveway will remain fresh for decades. Besides, its cleaning is pretty straightforward. Invest in a good quality bristled brush and use that to scrub off the surface at least once or twice every two weeks. Although it becomes very handy while lawn maintenance or restructures your outdoor areas.

At the same time, buy a good quality sealant to help the concrete gain the necessary strength. The main advantage of using this sealant is that it does not let any water or moisture set inside the layers of concrete. The sealant works wonders during the winter by keeping the ice packs at bay.

Concrete can withstand the load better than any other material

Concrete is not flexible at all hence it has the ability to withstand heavy loads as compared to asphalt. Asphalt is flexible and cannot cater to heavy loads, in fact, it can easily break under loads that reach a certain threshold. So, if you have to park your SUV, a large van, or a boat, asphalt will not be able to withstand the heavyweight and might break on the first use. You are better off using concrete if you have to park heavy cars and vehicles.

Concrete has a comfortable response to heat and light

Can you imagine walking on a burning asphalt driveway during the scorching heat of the summers? Of course not! But that is what asphalt does in summers. Yes, it is great in winters but with asphalt, you also need to install lighting.

But here is the rub. Concrete not only caters to the heat; it responds actively to any natural; light stimuli as well.

Concrete is environment-friendly

The energy costs required to make concrete are significantly lower than that of making asphalt. Hence, concrete is an eco-friendly solution. It requires less environmental stress both to manufacture and install concrete. As far as theasphalt paving service is concerned, it requires a huge amount of heat energy to create the mix that forms at a temperature of 200-250 degrees F. And asphalt need to go through a seal coating process every three years that makes use of petroleum.

Moreover, concrete lasts for decades hence there are not many recycling energy costs involved even when you dispose of it in the future.

Concrete forms a better surface layer

Once asphalt is installed on a driveway or a pathway, certain oils are released that evaporate and stick to the shoes. If oil or corrosive material gets accumulated on the asphalt, you can easily drag such material inside your homes, vehicles, grass, etc. This issue gets amplified during the peak summer season. However, with concrete, there is no such issue that arises.

Concrete is highly customizable

Gone are the days when concrete surfaces were only flat or grey in color. You can customize your concrete floors the way you want. You can add vibrant colors, unique style, and enticing textures to make it look more appealing. Stamped concrete can mimic the aesthetic of luxury bricks or cobblestone driveways. It can make your pavements and driveways look as if they were made with the most expensive material. It eventually adds to your property’s value and curb appeal.

Concrete driveways help uplift your property’s resale value

Do you know that properties with concrete driveways are usually preferred by property buyers? Yes, it’s true. If you put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, you will always want to buy a home or a commercial building with a concrete driveway rather than an asphalt driveway. Therefore, a concrete driveway installation can adequately upsurge your property’s resale value.


Investing in concrete driveways can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of maintenance, cost, durability, and more. So, whenever you are planning to get a driveway installed to increase your property’s value, or revamp it; go for concrete. However, ensure to reach out to a pro driveway installer that ensures the highest quality results so that your investment is protected.

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